Monday, 23 June 2008

You know what cheapens a debate? Rank misogyny.

In a rare moment of boredom and madness, I decided to have a look at what today's CiF topics were. It was, as usual,a gigantic error.

Cath Elliot had written a very good post on the fall in teen pregnancy and the sensationalist coverage of a 23% rise in teen abortions. The actual number these abortions rose by is 28. It was detailed, well thought out, and had a comments section that made me want to retch.

Elliot made a good point, which was the lack of actual analysis of those numbers. How many were victims of assault? How many were girls with mental issues et cetera? In the comments, a complete asshole saw fit to remark:
And trying to introduce issues such as child abuse/rape etc. into this debate is too cheap to be worth considering.

I mean, I don't even have any words for that. It makes me want to cry. How can these people even exist? No wonder the rape conviction rate is so low.

God, becoming a radical lesbian separatist looks more like a good option all the time.

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