Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Stories and Songs: Weekly reviews

I've decided to start a weekly review- what I've read, what I've listened to, what I've watched. I am astoryandasong, so it seems appropriate.

This week I read:

Donna Tartt- The Little Friend

Unfortunately this is another time when critics rave and I go 'meh'. I mean, there are so many tropes at work in this book and none of it surprised me at all. I knew from the beginning what the ending would be. The characterisation porn didn't even work the blurb was all oh, the characters are so ORIGINAL. But no. So yeah, meh.

Anne Bishop- The Black Jewels Trilogy

I am currently laughing at the male character called Deamon or whatever, this may not be a good sign but I will soldier on.

This week I watched:


Um, how hilarious? Not exactly heavyweight stuff, but funny all the same.

I also re-watched Stargate Atlantis Season 1, because David Hewlett is awesome. Also Joe Flanigan.

This week I listened to:

The Audition
Katy Perry
The Weepies
Funeral For A Friend

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