Friday, 20 June 2008

Stories and Songs: Reviews

This week has mainly been eaten up by the OMG SGA feelings again. But I still found the time to read, listen and watch some new things! A testement to my insomnia, if nothing else.


Nigella Lawson's How to Eat

Can I just say here how much I adore Nigella Lawson? I can? Well, it is THIS MUCH. I first dipped into it three weeks ago, and her basic bread recipe has become my staple, and a favourite. I combine it with the onion mixture from 'Happy Days with the Naked Chef' and it makes the most divine onion bread.

Listened To

You know when you listen to an album, then go 'meh' then love it, forget about it, then fall so madly in love it may result in commital?
I have done that with Panic At The Disco's 'Pretty.Odd'. Songs like 'When the Day Met The Night' and 'Mad as Rabbits' are summery, happy and perfect for right now. Though Ryan Ross should stick to guitars- Brendon Urie's voice is too good for him to compete with. In another band, Ross would be a fair vocalist, though.


SGA. A lot of it. Also Fry and Laurie. I love it so- and this week was the week for comfort TV.

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