Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I am looking for a softer world...

As you can see from the side bar, I have quite varied interests. As always I am reading about politics and feminism, about literature and music. Lately I've also come to appreciate design, and I've started to daydream about my own flat, poking around Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge, looking longingly at ceramics on etsy, rediscovering the colour green. I've set up a flickr account- looks like I'll have to pay for storage!

I have also renamed my livejournal- I've outgrown Methoschick, finally. That journal, which is now astoryandasong will house all of my fandom related activity.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

I will start as I mean to go on....

This blog is going to be the place where I can be crafty, grouchy, spam you all with pics of my cat and my various other loves, which include various bands, design, anthropology and generally being a big geek weirdo.

It will stop me from spamming all my livejournal friends (though there will be cross-posting occasionally) with pictures of my failing knitting. At the moment I am experimenting with various crafty pursuits like sewing and embroidery. This blog will hopefully help me chart my progress!

In the sidebar is a list of blogs you guys will hopefully check out (I know you already love SmittenKitchen!)